Protecting Ideas


For businesses with inventions that are viable in the US and abroad, international patent protection is important. The Law Office of Charlena Thorpe has expertise not only protecting inventions in the US, but also has experience working with attorneys in other countries, such as Europe, China, Canada, Australia, Japan, and Singapore, to protect inventions worldwide. Conversely, The Law Office of Charlena Thorpe helps attorneys in other countries protect their clients' inventions in the US. The Law Office of Charlena Thorpe is knowledgeable of international filing strategies, such as the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) international application and European Patent Office application, as well as avenues to expedite patent protection on a global scale, such as the Patent Prosecution Highway program.

If You Can Conceive It

You can achieve it

The Law Office of Charlena Thorpe helps individuals build businesses around their inventions from invention conception to product development and manufacturing and business sales, while protecting inventions throughout the process. The Law Office of Charlena Thorpe believes that inventors are the best advocate for their inventions and that the success of any invention depends on active participation from inventors. Therefore, The Law Office of Charlena Thorpe provides the tools and resources for inventors to turn their inventions into businesses.


Tough Technology

The Law Office of Charlena Thorpe is not afraid of handling technically complex patent matters. Having represented hi-tech clients in a broad range of technical areas in patent litigation and patent prosecution, The Law Office of Charlena Thorpe is experienced in tackling tough technology. Charlena Thorpe is a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), where she received a Master of Science and Bachelors degree, with high honors, in Electrical Engineering, and has solid experience representing clients in technically complex matters.

About Us

Although individuals and businesses desire to protect their new products in the arts and sciences, they want to do so without unnecessarily draining their revenues. Yet, quality legal service provided by experienced and competent attorneys is an uncompromising requirement. The  Law  Office  of  Charlena  Thorpe understands these concerns.


It was a pleasure to work with Charlena on this application, plus, it does not happen every day that I felt this well understood. Thank you very much.
— Zoran Maricevic, Ph.D., P.E.


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